Fulfill the promise of virtual immersion through exceptionally lifelike sound

George Lucas once famously said that “sound is half the experience.” Sound amplifies emotions and adds realistic depth to hollow visual experiences. Without convincing audio, the audience can’t feel fully embedded in a virtual reality story. G’Audio Lab brings these new realities to life with immersive sound solutions as we continue our never-ending journey to become the world’s leading spatial audio innovator.

Expertise Forged from International Audio Standardization
Take advantage of proven binaural rendering technology

The core members of G'Audio Lab have made key contributions to international audio standardizations including the binaural rendering aspect of MPEG-H 3D Audio. These sound experts are led by renowned aural authority Dr. Henney Oh, who holds more than 1,000 patents. This team is the foundation of the company’s sophisticated 3D audio technology and premium suite of products. G'Audio has a range of unique, industry-leading technologies and products that are protected by multiple patents and patent applications including U.S. Patent No. 9,602,947.

Complete Dedication to VR Audio
Real sounds can now be heard in virtual reality

G’Audio Lab is a spatial audio company dedicated to developing the most immersive and interactive audio production software solutions for VR. G’Audio’s suite of tools offer full 3D audio and seamless integration for cinematic VR, 360° video, and VR gaming projects. From an authoring tool to a renderer to a unique VR audio format, G’Audio takes care of the entire VR audio workflow, all the way from creation to consumption and everything in between.