Virtual Reality Finally Sounds Like Actual Reality
To complete the virtual experience with exceptional, lifelike sound.
Works is a powerful spatial audio plugin for digital audio workstations. It leverages object-based mixing for detailed placement of sound in a 3D environment.
Craft is a realistic spatial audio plugin for 3D game engines. It effortlessly achieves lifelike sound modeling with minimal CPU requirements.
Sol is a premium binaural renderer for virtual reality experiences. It delivers 3D audio for cinematic VR and VR gaming in the most immersive, interactive, and lifelike way possible.
Connect with us in Amsterdam!
The G’Audio team will be discussing the best ways to enjoy cinematic VR and VR gaming at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Annual Conference in September.
A New World of Sound For Your VR Experiences
Elevate your projects to another dimension, with experiences that mirror real-world audio.
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