Surrounding you with remarkable three-dimensional sounds
Distinguish depth, direction and interactivity of audio sources with regular headphones or speakers.
Works is a powerful spatial audio plugin for digital audio workstations. It leverages object-based mixing for detailed placement of sound in a 3D environment.
Craft is a realistic spatial audio plugin for 3D game engines. It effortlessly achieves lifelike sound modeling with minimal CPU requirements.
Sol is a premium binaural renderer that guarantees a high quality, accurate sense of localization regardless of output scenarios.
We won the Innovative VR Company of the Year Award
We are delighted to announce we were recognized as an industry leader at the VR Awards 2017 for our continuous efforts in bringing exceptional immersive and interactive sound to 3D audio. Thank you for all of your support throughout our journey!
A New World of Sound For Your Immersive Experiences
Elevate your projects to another dimension with technology that mirrors real-world audio.
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