Spatial Audio for Immersive Media
Immersive media requires a different listening approach

Immersive media is on the rise and content consumption is beginning to evolve towards VR/AR/MR and 360 video. However, stereo sound used in traditional media hinders and restricts the immservie experience. Audio sources should be spatialized, or have three-dimensional and positional data, to depict audio coming from all directions, as well as rendered to fully deliver 3D sound.

Hear the World the Way You See It
Raising your sonic experience to the next level

Spatial audio gives you the accurate notion of sound placement in 3D space. You can detect direction, distance, depth and movement of the audio sources, overall making your listening experience more realistic as picture and sound are synchronized. Spatial audio can be heard through headphones or a surround speaker setup, such as 5.1 or soundbars. Furthermore, spatial audio can reflect the listener’s own movements in a 3D game setting or walk around virtual scene.

Spatial Audio Toolkits For Smooth and Efficient Integration
Sophisticated technology, simple execution

Taking a complicated idea and explaining it in layman’s terms is challenging, especially when it comes to highly-advanced technology. However, G’Audio Lab has managed to do just that, offering both novice and seasoned designers the ability to create spatialized audio content without any hassle. We support the entire end-to-end-workflow from content production to content consumption, fostering creativity for all levels of professionals.