Thirteenth Floor and G-Audio form alliance to provide a cinematic VR platform for 5G mobile networks

The partnership targets a premium user experience by combining immersive spatial audio with high quality 360 video through 5G networks

BERKELEY, CA – October 16, 2018 – Cinematic VR production company and technology developer the Thirteenth Floor ( has joined forces with next generation audio solutions expert G-Audio ( to provide a premium level VR experience.  The two companies first introduced their partnership on September 28 in Seoul.  The Thirteenth Floor has licensed G-Audio’s Sol VR360 SDK and the two development teams are embarking on their mission to build a VR content service platform targeting 5G networks called THere.  The limitations of current 4G LTE mobile networks have forced VR360 producers and developers to compromise quality, but the with advent of 5G, the industry can finally begin to realize the potential of this emerging immersive medium.

The Thirteenth Floor began as a VR technology startup in 2015 and is now well-known for its unique, proprietary 360-degree video shooting and drone shooting systems. G-Audio is an award-winning audio technology startup with R&D based in Seoul focusing on the development of solutions for streaming media in addition to audio for cinematic VR.

The two companies plan to launch the THere platform in 2019 as telecoms begin to rollout 5G services to major markets.  By taking advantage of the larger 5G pipe, Thirteenth and G-Audio will deliver hyper-realistic immersive experiences to viewers featuring a new level of quality.  The experience will enable completely synchronized immersive video and spatial audio that responds instantly to viewer head-tracking, suspending disbelief, reducing motion sickness, and opening up the potential to transport audiences into other realities.

“With the potential of 5G now in focus, developing a new VR platform in collaboration with a leading audio technology company like G-Audio represents a meaningful strategic alliance” said Jung-woo Park, CEO of Thirteenth Floor. Park added that, “We are aiming to deliver the ultimate user experience in Cinematic VR, the one viewers have been waiting for.”

“We are very excited to showcase our next gen audio solutions in combination with the Thirteenth Floor’s innovative content production and video technologies”, said Henney Oh, CEO of G-Audio.  “This is an opportunity to lead the way into premium VR on 5G and take advantage of 100x the bandwidth compared to 4G LTE.”

In addition to cinematic VR, the two companies also plan to develop immersive audio/video technologies for location-based VR theme parks and VR cinema experiences that are growing in popularity, as well as livestreaming VR for sports and live events.

About G-Audio

G-Audio is a next generation audio technology company dedicated to enhancing the listening experience for XR and streaming media. G-Audio is customizing solutions for forward-looking companies like Honda, Naver, and partners like Tiledmedia and NexStreaming. With seven audio Ph.Ds leading R&D, the team has invented numerous patented technologies and excels in algorithm development with deep knowledge in acoustics, psychoacoustics, and signal processing. Winner of the AMD Studios VR Awards 2017 Innovative VR Company of the Year, and with active membership in standard developing organizations including MPEG and 3GPP, G-Audio is building the next generation playground for audio innovation. For more information, visit

About Thirteenth Floor

Thirteenth Floor produces world-class cinematic VR content using a variety of innovative and proprietary technologies for clients including RedBull, Hyundai, Samsung, and Coca-Cola.  The team is comprised of VR experts with experience as executive producer, art director, and VFX director at companies such as CJ Corporation, SBS, and Nexon.  Now in its third year, Thirteenth is building on core IP to develop a new VR content platform.  For more information, visit


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