GA5(.ga5), Specifically Designed for VR
Unprecedented audio format for VR content production and delivery

GA5 is the only format in the industry optimized for VR, delivering a superior sense of localization and quality compared to existing offerings. Final sound quality is determined not only by how a track is recorded, mixed and mastered, but also by how it is distributed. This proprietary format was developed to guarantee the best sound quality and replication of the original mix exactly as it is heard in the final VR environment.

Combination of Objects and Ambisonics
Pinpointed sound location with colorful ambiance

Truly immersive audio is achieved by reproducing lifelike sound components. This isn’t done by blindly increasing the number of channel signals, but instead by finding the ideal mix of object, channel, and Ambisonics signals. Object signals are effective at delivering pinpointed sound while Ambisonics signals, captured by a B-format microphone, deliver general ambient sound.

Empowering Creative Professionals
Realistic details that paint a more convincing auditory picture

GA5 unleashes the full potential of object-based mixing. Object-based sound placement allows content creators to craft more specific, pinpointed sound than they could with strictly stereo-based or Ambisonics mixes. GA5 guarantees that the passion of brave and adventurous artists who want to take advantage of this emerging medium does not go to waste.

Uncompromised Delivery to the End-User
The general audience can distinguish the improvement

GA5 is codec agnostic which means that it can be played on any platforms and players that Sol has been integrated into. Current formats like First-Order-Ambisonics (FOA) downmix the original tracks to a certain channel mix. GA5 delivers the same number of channels that were present in the production stage via a potentially unlimited number of virtual speakers. This preserves the creator’s original intent and lets the audience enjoy better directional cues and improved sound quality.