Sol VR360 SDK


Spatial Audio renderer for downloadable, streaming, and livestreaming VR 360-degree content.
How it Works?
  • Sol VR360 receives audio and metadata derived from our proprietary GA5 container format and renders spatialized sound relative to listener head-tracking data
  • Sol VR360 modulates binaural sound based on a composite Head-Related-Transfer-Function
  • Includes SOL VR360 Works

SOL VR360 SDK Features

  • Direct object rendering
  • Superior sound localization
  • Infinite number of virtual sound source positions (limited by CPU power)
  • Advanced distance rendering (patented)
  • Sound volumization i.e. source sound width or “spread” (patent pending)
  • Controllable between maximum spatial resolution vs. timbral preservation
  • Low complexity and low latency
  • Fully based on software
  • Cross-platform C++ library
  • Available for multiple devices and platforms
CPU Load:
SDK Size:
Rendering Latency:
GA5, Ambisonics
Local files, streaming, livestreaming
CODEC agnositc
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
<5% (Galaxy Note5)

Sol VR360 is an end-to-end solution including the Works production tool, the Encoder, and our Player App.

SOL VR360 Works

A digital audio workstation plugin that provides content producers with a visual UI for creating, mixing, and monitoring spatial audio content.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License
How it Works?
  • Works provides 3D audio editing and mixing functionality and incorporates the Sol Binaural Renderer for monitoring
  • Works exports out to our proprietary GA5 container that delivers a variety of audio formats including Ambisonics, audio objects and audio channels

SOL VR360 Works Features

  • Simplified plugin structure
    One master plugin window for all spatial positioning and mixing
    No need for Ambisonic bus routing
  • Object overlay on 360-degree video using Pro Tools video engine
    Load a 360-degree video in Pro Tools and position sounds directly in the 360-degree video display of the master plugin
  • Edit as you watch
    Perform real-time positional automation of audio sources with visual cues from your 360-degree video
  • Spatial activity visualizer
    Provides a visual representation of amplitude and position of a signal in the 360 degree video display
  • Binaural effect strength
    Allows blending control of the binaural processing amount to balance localization strength with sonic coloration
  • Renders 2nd Order Ambisonic mixes
  • Head-locking for mono, stereo and surround sources
  • Enables creation of GA5 spatial audio mixes that combines audio objects, Ambisonics, and legacy channel audio with all positional metadata contained in the file
  • Offline bouncing for creating Ambisonic or GA5 mixes

SOL VR360 Encoder

A stand-alone software tool that lets you mux 360-degree video and audio.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License

SOL VR360 Player App

A local 360-degree playback app with an integration of the SOL VR360 SDK.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License
sol vr360 player app mockup