Sol VR360 SDK


Spatial Audio renderer for downloadable, streaming, and livestreaming VR 360-degree content.
How it Works?
  • Sol VR360 receives audio and metadata derived from our proprietary GA5 container format and renders spatialized sound relative to listener head-tracking data
  • Sol VR360 modulates binaural sound using proprietary Head-Related-Transfer-Function (HRTF) technology
  • Includes SOL VR360 Works

SOL VR360 SDK Features

  • Direct object rendering
  • Superior sound localization
  • Infinite number of virtual sound source positions (limited by CPU power)
  • Advanced distance rendering (patented)
  • Sound volumization i.e. source sound width or “spread” (patent pending)
  • Controllable between maximum spatial resolution vs. timbral preservation
  • Low complexity and low latency
  • Fully based on software
  • Cross-platform C++ library
  • Available for multiple devices and platforms
CPU Load:
SDK Size:
Rendering Latency:
GA5, Ambisonics
Local files, streaming, livestreaming
CODEC agnositc
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
<5% (Galaxy Note5)

Sol VR360 is an end-to-end solution including the Works production tool, the Encoder, and our Player App.

SOL VR360 Works

A digital audio workstation plugin that provides content producers with a visual UI for creating, mixing, and monitoring spatial audio content.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License
How it Works?
  • Works provides 3D audio editing and mixing functionality and incorporates the Sol Binaural Renderer for monitoring
  • Works exports out to our proprietary GA5 container that delivers a variety of audio formats including Ambisonics, audio objects and audio channels
Sol VR360 Works Tutorials

SOL VR360 Works Features

  • Simplified plugin structure
    One master plugin window for all spatial positioning and mixing
    No need for Ambisonic bus routing
  • Object overlay on 360-degree video using Pro Tools video engine
    Load a 360-degree video in Pro Tools and position sounds directly in the 360-degree video display of the master plugin
  • Edit as you watch
    Perform real-time positional automation of audio sources with visual cues from your 360-degree video
  • Spatial activity visualizer
    Provides a visual representation of amplitude and position of a signal in the 360 degree video display
  • Binaural effect strength
    Allows blending control of the binaural processing amount to balance localization strength with sonic coloration
  • Renders 2nd Order Ambisonic mixes
  • Head-locking for mono, stereo and surround sources
  • Enables creation of GA5 spatial audio mixes that combines audio objects, Ambisonics, and legacy channel audio with all positional metadata contained in the file
  • Offline bouncing for creating Ambisonic or GA5 mixes

SOL VR360 Encoder

A stand-alone software tool that lets you mux 360-degree video and audio.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License

SOL VR360 Player App

A local 360-degree playback app with an integration of the SOL VR360 SDK.
Included with the SOL VR360 SDK License
sol vr360 player app mockup
Sol VR360 SDK Demos: Spatial audio mixes featuring the G-Audio GA5 format

After downloading the Player App for your Android device, download any of the following videos, copy each video into the “GPlayer” folder in Internal Storage, then start the Player App, connect your headphones, and enjoy.