Sol is a premium binaural renderer for immersive VR.
Sol SDK dedicated to rendering 3D audio that reflects VR user interactions in real time.
A premium binaural renderer for immersive VR.
Sol is a premium 3D audio renderer designed for custom integration into any player or platform. Its SDK format makes it easy to integrate into local players, streaming players, and livestreaming players. Sol is the only renderer that supports G’Audio’s proprietary GA5 format while still supporting FOA. Projects created with Works and exported as GA5 get the quality they deserve when paired with Sol.
Integrable platforms
- OS: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS
- VR heatset: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream
Business Opportunities
Sol has countless potential uses and integrations. If you believe a premium interactive 3D sound experience can improve your business or you need help integrating Sol into your new app, we’d love to hear from you!
Local Player
Live / Streaming Player
Game Engine Developer
HMD Manufacturer
Chip Manufacturer
Why you need to integrate 3D audio renderer?
Control end-user VR audio experience
Without a proper binaural audio renderer, end-users are missing the entire dynamic and interactive sound experience. Compared to traditional stereo audio, spatial audio immerses users more completely in any VR scene regardless of platform. The Sol renderer allows listeners to perceive all the included channels as a potentially infinite number of virtual speakers.
Zero compromise on sound quality
Creators pour passion and pain into their VR creations so don’t give listeners an inferior experience with compromised sound quality. If a project is exported in Ambisonics format, it loses pinpointed object sound and all the channels have to be downmixed to fit the specific format, like a four-channel output in the case of FOA. Supporting the GA5 format that keeps the original intention in its purest form and playing through Sol is the only way to deliver the best sound imaginable for any content.
Effective real-time binaural renderer for mobile devices
The process of binaural rendering synthesizes 3D sound scenes made up of multiple audio signals into a two-channel output. This intimidating task normally requires confining and complex calculation. Sol uses the most innovative and effective binaural rendering technology to achieve optimal sound quality with minimal processing power and low latency.
G'Player, the Sol reference player
The Sol SDK is incredibly easy to adopt, but you might still have questions about the rendering quality. The best way to answer those is by hearing it for yourself, which is why we built G’Player, a local playback app with Sol integrated. G’Player is great for sharing your content with audiences when you haven’t integrated Sol into your app or platform just yet. Get a taste of Sol by downloading G’Player from the Oculus Store.