Craft is a realistic spatial audio plugin for 3D game engines.
Gameplay becomes hyper-real with spatialized sound and 3D audio effects.
A realistic spatial audio plugin for 3D game engines
Craft applies actual human hearing mechanisms with groundbreaking algorithms to replicate real-life sound effects in game environments.
System Requirements
- Supported game engines: Unity 5.3 or later
- Available build platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android

Craft is currently available as a Unity plugin. Support for other platforms, including Unreal, Fmod and Wwise, is in development.
Spatialization has never been easier
Accurate room simulation
While more room geometry features will be added soon, current room reverberation provides multiple room options that reflect different sizes and materials of any room. When the distance and direction of a sound object change within a room, the overall sound experience changes accordingly.
Improved workflow, better finished product
Reference audio stems designed and produced with Works can be used with Craft for composing 3D sound for games. This thanks to G’Audio’s binaural rendering engine, which is in both Works and Craft, and provides uniform sound to help game developers design spatialized sound.
Compatible with existing projects
A project’s overall sound experience can be improved significantly without having to alter the stored settings in native audio plugin systems. Craft’s features can be applied to new or old projects without having to redo everything that has already been created.