NexStreaming’s NexPlayer Video SDK Now Features Spatial Audio Technology from Gaudio Lab

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 3, 2018) — NexStreaming, a global multimedia software company, announces its partnership agreement with Gaudio Lab, a spatial audio technology company. Through this partnership, Gaudio’s Sol audio SDK will be integrated into NexStreaming’s NexPlayer video SDK, which will be available for licensing to player platforms and companies looking to offer 360-degree video content.

“As the leading player for premium video services, NexPlayer must continuously innovate to be at the forefront of the industry,” says General Manager, Carlos Lucas, NexStreaming. “360-degree video is on track to becoming a mainstream format and we are working toward securing the best 360 video experience. Audio plays an important role in this experience and Gaudio Lab’s technology perfectly complements NexPlayer.”

The integration of Gaudio’s Sol SDK offers audiences a high-quality immersive and interactive sound experience to match NexPlayer’s premium quality video SDK. Now, current and future NexStreaming licensees can provide premium 360-degree content to audiences on multiple platforms.

“This exciting partnership pairs Gaudio’s top-quality spatial audio technology with NexStreaming’s world-class 360-degree video solution,” explains Adam Levenson, V. P. of Business Development, Gaudio Lab. “Combining these two technologies offers player platforms and content creators an opportunity to provide a truly immersive and uniquely engaging experience to viewers.”

NexPlayer is the market leading 360-degree Player SDK for Android, iOS and HTML5 apps, ensuring the best streaming and playback video quality across any device. The international video service provider offers NexPlayer in its mobile apps, enabling MPEG-DASH and HLS high-quality streaming across all devices with Widevine or any other DRM content protection. Its Player SDK is not based on open source, which offers the ability to constantly build new player features. The company strives to continuouslyupgrade the SDK player with the latest technologies, including the integration of Gaudio’s Sol SDK.

Gaudio’s Sol SDK is a binaural renderer that supports First Order Ambisonics (FOA), Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA), and the company’s GA5 audio format. GA5 packages unlimited object-based sounds, Ambisonics and head-locked stereo channels into one delivery format, offering a high-quality spatial audio experience. Furthermore, the Sol renderer features low complexity, low latency, and is computationally efficient, delivering a smooth audio experience on any device.


About NexStreaming

NexStreaming is a leading mobile multimedia software company with its in-house video processing technologies highly optimized for mobile devices. Its NexPlayer SDK™ has powered millions of mobile devices, has been embedded into top-tier handsets by producers at Samsung and LG Electronics, and has been integrated into world-class Content Provider Apps, such as HBO GO and MLB.

NexStreaming is a publicly traded company listed on the Korean stock exchange (139670.KQ) since December 2011. The company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and has branches in Spain, the U.S, China, and Taiwan.

For more information on the NexPlayer SDK, please visit

Gaudio Lab

Gaudio Lab is a spatial audio technology company dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for 360-degree video, interactive VR, enterprise, and custom technologies. Gaudio’s suite of tools can be seamlessly integrated into multiple player platforms and includes Works, an audio production tool, and Sol, a state-of-the-art binaural renderer. Through a regular pair of headphones, Gaudio heightens the user’s overall sense of presence for immersive content.

The Gaudio team includes seven PhDs in the audio field and its core members have developed numerous patented technologies. The company has made key contributions to international audio standardizations, including the binaural rendering standard for MPEG-H 3D Audio. Gaudio Lab has received funding from SoftBank Ventures, Capstone Partners, LB Investment, and Korea Investment Partners.

For more information on Gaudio Lab, its sophisticated 3D audio technology and premium suite of products, visit and follow Gaudio on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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