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Filmmakers and sound engineering professionals were able to offer life-like hearing experiences to the end user through the use of G’Audio Works, a plugin which can be seamlessly added to Pro Tools. Officially launched recently, G’Audio Works, a spatial audio plug-in for Digital Audio Workstation, has been extensively tested before launch. During its beta period, states the company,  Works proved to enable filmmakers and sound engineering professionals to provide life-like hearing experiences to the end user, by placing them in the soundscape and accurately reproducing the direction and position of sounds in a given environment.

Works Features

  • Supports the simultaneous use of three audio signals to create realistic sound with environmental ambience
  • Enables users to edit as they watch in order to synchronize the reference video and audio in head-mounted display (HMD) view, Panoramic view or Map view
  • Supports offline bouncing so users can export work 30 times faster than realtime bouncing, which requires the video file to play in full

Sol Features

  • Available in SDK format and can be easily integrated into mobile devices, using minimal processing power and low latency while delivering the best sound quality possible
  • Is the only player that renders any combination of the audio signals
  • Reflects the listener’s head orientation and interactive motions with real-time calculation of relative sound source positions
  • Supports both HTML Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) formats, and is the only player to support G’Audio’s proprietary GAO format, a hyper-real audio format designed to deliver 3D audio at its fullest potential
  • Applies head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) data to tailor sound per the average human head and ears to simulate actual hearing mechanisms
  • Leverages G’Audio’s own binaural rendering technology, which is part of the Moving Picture Experts Group’s 3D Audio international standards (MPEG-H 3D)

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