Screaming Loud: Managing Loudness on All Hallow’s Eve

Candy corn, pumpkin carving, horror movies. Halloween is just around that dark, eerie corner and the current crop of seasonal TV and film offerings are taking scary to the next […]

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast: How Audio Technology Will Impact Video Streaming Platforms

Tech journalist Neil Hughes is host of the renowned Tech Blog Writer Podcast with over 16,000 followers. Check out Neil’s interview with Adam Levenson that provides a glimpse into the […]

NFL Season is Here: Fans Debate Video and Sound Quality on Streaming TV vs. Broadcast

For many football fans this NFL season, the decision to keep paying for cable instead of switching to streaming TV is as much about the quality of experience as it […]

The Vibrant User-Generated Video Scene: Emerging Demand for Higher Quality Audio

More connected than any generation before them, Gen Zs are the new influencers, publishing every aspect of their lives. From Esports tournaments to makeup tutorials and brand reviews, teens are […]

Perceived Loudness

One of the trade-offs of our content-on-any-device-from-any-source culture is that volume levels can be unpredictable.  Actually, volume isn’t quite the right word: a better way to talk about this problem […]

audio abstract multi color

The Spatial Audio Decode: Part 1

As immersive media and technologies continue to expand, there’s no doubt that spatial audio has gained popularity from a  cross section of industries. Whether you’re a developer, content producer, or […]

ces 2018 logo

CES at a Glance

We started off the new year in full swing exhibiting at CES, the largest consumer tech show held in Las Vegas. This year’s show brought nearly 200,000 attendees from across […]