Loudness Management: How Audio Technology Will Impact Streaming Video

The OTT video (over-the-top) market has experienced explosive growth since 2015 as viewers have increased streaming media consumption. Subscriptions are up, and so is the use of smart devices used […]

G’Audio Lab’s plugins recognized as IBC “What Caught My Eye” products. Here’s why.

360 video simply isn’t enough to ‘wow’ a crowd anymore. Deeper immersion–whether by 3D video, 6DOF or spatial audio–is almost a requirement these days. That’ what makes G’Audio‘s free spatial audio […]

G’Audio Lab Upgrades Its Spatial Audio Solution “WORKS”

Virtual Reality Reporter has featured G’Audio Lab’s announcement on the launch of upgraded Works software. As stated in the news, Works is expected to provide an even more intuitive workflow with powerful […]

What’s Next For VR Audio

Where VR Audio is At Before the age of VR, the 2D video story was not influenced by end-user’s interaction. The spatial resolution for audio improved just by adding more […]

The Future of VR Audio – 3 Trends to Track This Year

2017 has pushed the VR industry forward in countless ways, including the recognition of audio as an absolutely critical element in VR experiences. Here are a few trending efforts that creators […]

Futuresound: Will Accuracy Overcome Familiarity For VR Audio?

John Dewey, who is known for exploring the philosophy of pragmatism, proposed that experience is based on two principles. The first concept of continuity explains that all experiences affect future experiences, for […]

3D Audio is the Hottest Opportunity in VR, Here’s Why

Increased Consumer Interest and A Higher Standard for Immersion When people watch content via a traditional medium like a TV or a theater, the screen in front of them represents […]

How To: Producing immersive audio for VR

The key to creating realistic audio for this is to synchronise sounds according to the user’s head orientation and view in real time. This helps replicate an actual human hearing […]

G’Audio Intros Free “Works” 3D Sound Plugin For VR And 360° Video

G’Audio has released Works, a freeware 3D sound utility (AAX plugin format for Mac OS only) for processing audio material that will be used in VR and 360° video. I […]

This LA Startup Fully Immerses You In…

The LA Tech Watch described G’Audio Lab as a company dedicated to giving you the immersive experience you want when gaming, that we provide software for 3D sound, VR video, and other VR […]