The Audio Voice: Hearables and Augmented Reality

By J. Martins, Editor-in-Chief — You might have noticed that on my previous The Audio Voice write-up about Headphone Technology and Markets I didn’t use the term “hearables” since that would take the discussion to […]

Screaming Loud: Managing Loudness on All Hallow’s Eve

Candy corn, pumpkin carving, horror movies. Halloween is just around that dark, eerie corner and the current crop of seasonal TV and film offerings are taking scary to the next […]

Thirteenth Floor and Gaudio form alliance to provide a cinematic VR platform for 5G mobile networks

The partnership targets a premium user experience by combining immersive spatial audio with high quality 360 video through 5G networks

Gaudio Launches Loudness SDK to Provide a Consistent Streaming Media Listening Experience

Audio technology company announces software solution that smoothes variations in loudness and provides continuity of perceived sound levels for OTT video and music streaming platforms

Loudness Management: How Audio Technology Will Impact Streaming Video

The OTT video (over-the-top) market has experienced explosive growth since 2015 as viewers have increased streaming media consumption. Subscriptions are up, and so is the use of smart devices used […]

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast: How Audio Technology Will Impact Video Streaming Platforms

Tech journalist Neil Hughes is host of the renowned Tech Blog Writer Podcast with over 16,000 followers. Check out Neil’s interview with Adam Levenson that provides a glimpse into the […]

NFL Season is Here: Fans Debate Video and Sound Quality on Streaming TV vs. Broadcast

For many football fans this NFL season, the decision to keep paying for cable instead of switching to streaming TV is as much about the quality of experience as it […]

The Vibrant User-Generated Video Scene: Emerging Demand for Higher Quality Audio

More connected than any generation before them, Gen Zs are the new influencers, publishing every aspect of their lives. From Esports tournaments to makeup tutorials and brand reviews, teens are […]